October 9-12, 2020


About Brunete4Geo

Brunete4Geo is the Geocaching MEGAEVENT that will make you have a vision of the game that you have never imagined. We invite you to celebrate it with us from October 9 to 12, 2020, in Brunete. We will have THOUSANDS of caches, 13 different icons in the same day, more than 300 teams from more than 10 countries. All this, and much more, in a single event.


Megaevent Brunete4Geo


In Brunete, Madrid (Spain)


From Friday to Monday
October, 9-12


Those responsible for all this

picarax convoca megaevento en brunete


The crazy guy

geocaching mega evento brunete4geo gc8fyre


The idea is now a MEGAEVENT

ayuntamiento de brunete

Brunete town hall

Our support

Brunete4Geo Agenda

Here you have the timetable of the event. This program can be modified.

This is the daily guide to the proposed activities and their respective schedules. These hours may vary slightly.

actividades brunete4geo


Visitors reception. Delivery of accreditations and welcome gifts.

geocaching brunete Evento de bienvenida

Welcome event

We will chat and tell each other stories while having a drink.

Actividad nocturna de geocaching

Night activity

A very fun activity aimed at all audiences.

gc8fyre brunete4geo geocaching


Visitors reception. Delivery of accreditations and welcome gifts.

charlas de geocaching gsak


Classrooms on geocaching, GSAK, arduino, climate change, reviewers and much more!

comida brunete4geo

Joint meal

Time to eat! We will eat together and chat.

masqcoles colabora con brunete4geo

Leisure and sports activities

Photography contests, children's drawing, short stories, creative caches, etc.

Flashmob en el megaevento brunete4geo brunete


We will all go for a drink and have a good time until they give us the signal.

Geoenigmas de geocaching en brunete


Geocaching puzzle solving competition.

pinchos tapas comida


Tapas route through the attached establishments.

Actividad nocturna de geocaching en brunete

Night activity

A very fun activity aimed at all audiences.

ruta de Senderismo en brunete madrid

Go for a walk!

Hiking and orientation route.

Comida con los participantes del evento

Time to eat

We are going to gather strength eating in the bars and restaurants of Brunete.

Evento de geocaching cito en brunete


We cannot stop taking care of the environment.

entrega de trofeos de brunete4geo

Awards ceremony and raffle

We will deliver the prizes of the contests and activities proposed before and during the event.


Location and pictures from Brunete


We propose some of the closest places to the event

Hotel La Ermita. Brunete (Madrid), España

Hotel La Ermita

2,6 km to town center

Hostal el Alba. Brunete (Madrid), España

Hostal El Alba

200 m to town center

Hostal Jose Luís. Brunete (Madrid), España

Hostal Jose Luís

300 m to town center

You also have other hotels

How to get to Brunete

Do you want to come using public transport? Look here

Cómo llegar a Brunete en transporte público


Take care of the environment

* There are also other options to get to Brunete. Ask us!



Exclusive products

Look at the cool things we have achieved for the event!

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  • Geocaching is a game where you are looking for treasures. These are called caches. They can be of many kinds and of different difficulties. From a taper full of objects for exchange to a micro where only the record book fits.

  • You need to be registered at and a mobile phone or GPS that gives you the coordinates where it is hidden. In addition to this, you should look at the difficulty of the terrain and the description, as there are some difficult to access that may require specific tools. Keep in mind that there are caches next to your house, but also on Everest, to give an example.

  • Just a geocacher meeting where you can meet people from this community. There are various types. From an event to meet for a drink, exchange trackables and count battles. Until a CITO where you can spend a few hours getting to know, cleaning or repopulating nature.

  • When an event is organized for several days, with various activities and more than 300 teams are accredited, it can become Mega. This is, for example, the case of Brunete4Geo.

  • When more than 3,000 teams are accredited, they can go from Mega to Giga.

  • It is not necessary. But it is true that some types of caches are only available to Premium members. It also has other advantages that you can check on the page.

  • Of course not! We will also be happy to see you at any event.

  • Yes. But in this case we recommend that you accredit yourself for the entire event since in the activities with maximum capacity, the geocachers who have made the will attend (Will attend) will have preference.

  • Yes, both to get the different badges and to help the organizers prepare it knowing the number of geocachers that will attend. It is usually indicated, when doing the attend, how many members

  • It is not necessary. But at the organizational level, deference is appreciated.

  • You can see it in the activities section that we will expand as the date approaches. But above all, you will find many people wanting to have a good time. Exchange experiences. And many, many caches of all kinds.

  • On our website or on our Facebook fan page @deadlyduckenvy

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